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In 2021 from January to march , ERST gave roof farming services to 24 houses in Kathmandu Valley. It provided the  starter packages to the houses aiming to boost their interest towards roof farming in urban area. 

As a result we have been receiving lot of positive feedbacks and queries. We aim for better services in future.  

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Shunya-The zero Fashion , aims to  lower carbon footprint of fashion industry by providing platform for thrifting, reviving cloths and providing sustainable fabric deigns of its own. From 2020-2021, we have been operating thrift online. In the period we have been successfully sold preloved cloths.  

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From 2020-2021, we re glad that Our bag has been able to reach to many people online with queries. 

We are able to sell 50 plus pieces of bags. Our bags aims to provide sustainability reducing environmental impacts. 


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